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Monday, 02 May 2016

Partners South and Omega IM Group Partner With Dearden And Associates

MIAMI, FL, Partners South Insurance & Estate Planning of Fort Lauderdale and Omega IM Group of Miami are pleased to announce that Dearden & Associates, Inc. Insurance Group of Salt Lake City (UT) has joined with them to create a winning trifecta of customer-focused insurance and financial products. The new entity, Partners South Intermountain, is led by Eric Dearden, youngest son of Dearden founders Daniel and Sandy Dearden.

PS Intermountain is a full-service insurance and estate planning entity for consumers in Utah, Arizona, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and Nevada. “Eric is a bright young man who brings extensive industry experience, expertise, and a “customers first” focus to the table”, said Dr. Fussell, Founder and CEO of Partners South. “He has an easy leadership style and possesses a genuine understanding of how important it is to always keep the customer at the forefront”, Fussell added.

Putting the young Dearden at the helm of the new business venture was an easy choice for Dr. Fussell. Dearden’s competitive spirit and engaging leadership style was a direct derivative of university-level basketball where he learned the importance of playing hard and playing to win. “Like basketball, this business is all about understanding the customer’s end goal and working together as a single unit to get there”, Dearden said. “We’re excited to be an extension of the Partners South and Omega IM Group team. I’m looking forward to many great seasons ahead for all our customers and advisors”.

Dearden & Associates began as an employment benefits agency and quickly blossomed into a full-service Employee Benefits, Human Resources and Personal Lines agency with division-dedicated specialists. Dearden’s customer-focused solutions-driven philosophy is exactly what resonated with Partners South & Omega IM Group when they sought partners to expand their insurance and financial services. “The Dearden culture completely complements our core business values”, said Fussell. “Adding this family of people and products increases the opportunities and possibilities we can provide our advisors and clients”, he added. “It takes our customer commitment to the next level”.