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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Florida Governor Rick Scott Meets With Dr. Fussell To Discuss Plight Of Florida's Self-Employed Small-Business Owners

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL, Governor Rick Scott met yesterday with Timothy Fussell, PhD, Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Partners South, to discuss the plight of self-employed small-business owners in Florida. Fussell, a staunch supporter of the independent businessperson, has devoted his career to building insurance products that address and alleviate the stresses and pressures that small business owners face in competitive local, national and global markets.
Gov. Scott, whose gubernatorial campaign centers on Let’s Keep Florida Working, has a vested interest in continuing the conversation about how the health of Florida small businesses can be influenced by financial products specifically created and designed to protect livelihoods, loved ones, and long-term successes.

“In the last four years, nearly 650,000 new jobs have bolstered the Florida economy”, Fussell said. “That incredible growth brings incredible responsibility. It is our responsibility to help small business owners plan for their future; the future of their families; and the future of Florida”, he stated.

The meeting between Scott and Fussell took place at the Ft. Lauderdale law offices of Gray|Robinson, a full-service corporate law firm that provides legal services for emerging businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals across Florida. Fussell, like Gray|Robinson, has built Partners South into a multi-faceted company. Most recently, he created a strategic alliance with Tax Advising Partners, LLC of Ft. Lauderdale, FL. “Jobs and Tourism are on the rebound in Florida. Proper accounting, tax and estate planning services are critical to the financial recovery and resurgence of Florida investors and businesspeople”, Fussell said. “Our alliance with Tax Advising Partners creates a single-source solution for clients seeking strategic business planning, tax guidance, accounting operations, and insurance and estate planning”, he added.

Fussell has pursued strategic alliances in other states that face comparable issues to those that he sees in Florida and North Carolina, his home state. “Every state has its own distinct challenges, but when the health of the small business is protected, those that serve these entities are protected as well. Everybody wins”, Fussell said.