• Tim Fussell
  • Tim is a published author with Fox Business News and invited contributor to CNN Money and Fortune Magazine.

    He is also a Continuing Professional Education Instructor for Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), conducting nationwide training on retirement and strategic business planning using Life and Annuity products.

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Duplin Native Shares Success Story With Students

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Harrells Christian Academy

Duplin, NC, March 6, 2019 Founding partner and CEO of Partners South Estate Planning, Inc. and Fox Business News Contributor Timothy R. Fussell visited Harrells Christian Academy and spoke with students taking a course in personal finance.

Holding a Ph.D. in Finance from Arizona State University, Fussell had a wealth of knowledge to share with students about how he got his start in Duplin County. He recalled growing up on a farm, working hard, and realizing that he wanted to get ahead in life.

Fussell encouraged the students, “One of the greatest things you’ll ever do is to decide what interests you and figure out a way to make a living doing it.”

Since getting his start helping local farmers secure their livelihood, Fussell has built his career and his reputation to include clientele all across the country. He is a CPA and CPE instructor, a member of The Association of Financial Educators as well as a NL Group Member of NASBA. Many of the students were astounded to hear the story of how he started out in life just like them but has managed to become remarkably successful, affluent, and able to help others become so as well.

Though he was quick to joke with the students about his luxury vehicles, expensive designer suits, and world travels, Fussell kept it humble and reminded the students, “Happiness isn’t having what you want, it’s wanting what you have.”

Alpha Investment Inc. Seeks To Fund Up To A $500-Million Pipeline of Commercial Real Estate Loans

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Times Square

Miami, FL, July 12, 2017 Alpha Investments Inc. (OTCPINK:ALPC), a subsidiary of Omega Commercial Finance Corporation (OTCPINK:OCFN), has repositioned its operations to create the ability to underwrite and structure complex transactions and enable the company to customize creative capital solutions for other lenders, mortgage bankers, borrowers, and owners, all within the commercial real estate financing sector.

ALPC shall primarily invest and provide lending capital to seasoned commercial real estate lenders through a Lender-to-Lender "Cost of Funds" lending model with built-in risk tolerances within the CMBS, Alt A, Bridge, and Hard Money financing sectors.

Alpha Investments Inc. is led by Timothy R. Fussell, PhD, as Chairman of the Board and President, and Todd C. Buxton as CEO and Vice Chairman. Each member shall bring, implement and coordinate the various operational tactics necessary to fundamentally create shareholder value to both ALPC and its parent company, OCFN.

Operationally, ALPC has hit the ground running since its reorganization in February of 2017. One of ALPC's sister companies has submitted numerous executed term sheets over the past 6 to 12 months slated for potential funding. This pipeline encompasses a total of $359,950,604 in commercial real estate loans, which are seeking a combination of debt and equity financing. These financing requests are now through the processing stage and into the origination phase. There are also another estimated $100-million to $150-million of CRE financing opportunities in the pipeline at the term sheet stage. Mr. Fussell, the Chairman of ALPC stated, "The strategy is to utilize ALPC as the balance sheet lender for these loans, which are forecasted to generate future loan interest income for ALPC in addition to participating equity income from certain loans structured accordingly."

ALPC is considering the use of a Direct Public Offering and/or PIPES for a capital raise of up to $500-million for the execution of its business model. This DPO will enable ALPC through an SEC registration to privately market and offer its free trading shares directly to the public. Mr. Buxton, ALPC's CEO, stated "This capital raising platform model will have key fundamentals that we plan to maintain in order to attract ALPC to institutional investors." These fundamentals include an untainted balance sheet with no long-term or short-term debt obligations and/or derivative liabilities. In addition, the ALPC strategy will support its various synergistic sister companies that are all vertically correlated to provide each operation with potential growth capital opportunities.

A Major Hotel Project Underway In The Parish Of St. Patrick

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Tim Fussell - St. Patrick, GrenadaSt. Patrick, Grenada – November 8, 2016 The new developers have promised that work will be ongoing in various phases, during the Levera Beach Resort Grenada’s ground-breaking ceremony last Friday.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell was among government officials in attendance as well as investors and community members.

“We guarantee you that it will continue to move forward from this point on. We have put our heart, our soul, our money, everything that we can into this and we’ve got many wonderful people who are starting to join us,” said Randy Oveson, one of the investors.

“We have already started the project. We’ve had over 10 workers, working for close to a year, cleaning the project. We have cut new roads. We are already cutting the foundation site pads, for the first 14 cottages,” added Robert Martin, another partner investor.

The Levera Beach Resort Grenada project is a 375–acre, multi-million dollar hotel and residential project approved under the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programme.

The first of the 4 development phases will include the construction of the Turtle Beach Resort, which will encompass an 80 unit Boutique hotel, 40 hotel cottages, 20 Casitas and Villas, restaurants — including 2 farm–to–table restaurants, pools, spa and organic orchard.

“As the first phase is opened there will be over 100 people employed, in this very place, and when the entire project is done, it’ll provide over 400 jobs to the island of Grenada,” Oveson added.

The resort is located adjacent to Levera National Park and borders the Caribbean Sea.

The development team pledges environmental responsibility, sustainable community development and employment for Grenadian citizens.

“As activities increase, the Bathway — Levera activity — the locals enjoying the beauty of this place, will expand,” Prime Minister Keith Mitchell said.

“The little shops around different parts, whether it’s Hermitage, River Sallee, the Sauteurs town, the hairdressing businesses, the tailors, the carpenters different persons will in fact benefit and, of course, the retail sector”.

Now Grenada


Partners South Estate Planning Comes To Richmond, VA

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Ft. Lauderdale, FL – October 24, 2016 Partners South Estate Planning of Fort Lauderdale is pleased to announce that Scott LaRochelle, CPRC, CPFA has joined the team as Managing Partner, Partners South – Richmond, VA. LaRochelle expands the reach of Partners South and offers a wealth of experience and knowledge. He is regarded as an industry authority by his clients, colleagues, peers, and the companies he works with - some of the largest financial and insurance companies in the world.

“Scott is a seasoned professional. He doesn’t sell products; he educates and guides his clients to estate planning solutions that are sound, secure, and spot-on for the client’s needs and wants”, said Dr. Timothy Fussell, Founder and CEO of Partners South Estate Planning. “Having Scott as a resource and leader for Partners South provides a distinct advantage for all our advisors and their clients in Richmond and around the map”, he added.

An industry veteran with more than 36 years’ experience in business, estate planning, and asset and wealth protection, LaRochelle works with small and large business owners, high income/net worth professionals, and clients from all walks of life who bring high expectations to the table. “Joining forces with Partners South is a win-win for our current and future clients. The breadth and depth of products and experience we offer is simply unmatched”, said LaRochelle. “Our job is to increase working capital, reduce taxable income, increase net spendable income, and provide for business success and retirement, while protecting assets, family and heirs from potentially devastating financial loss – all aggressive and achievable goals”, he said.

“In this ever-changing and challenging societal climate, it has never been more important to protect and build existing savings and retirement possibilities regardless of where you are in your professional or personal life. We have a great team, great products, and proven great outcomes for our clients. It’s the Partners South way”, added Dr. Fussell.

Partners South and Omega IM Group Partner With Dearden And Associates

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Miami, FL – August 19, 2016 Partners South Insurance & Estate Planning of Fort Lauderdale and Omega IM Group of Miami are pleased to announce that Dearden & Associates, Inc. Insurance Group of Salt Lake City (UT) has joined with them to create a winning trifecta of customer-focused insurance and financial products. The new entity, Partners South Intermountain, is led by Eric Dearden, youngest son of Dearden founders Daniel and Sandy Dearden. PS Intermountain is a full-service insurance and estate planning entity for consumers in Utah, Arizona, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and Nevada. “Eric is a bright young man who brings extensive industry experience, expertise, and a “customers first” focus to the table”, said Dr. Fussell, Founder and CEO of Partners South. “He has an easy leadership style and possesses a genuine understanding of how important it is to always keep the customer at the forefront”, Fussell added.

Putting the young Dearden at the helm of the new business venture was an easy choice for Dr. Fussell. Dearden’s competitive spirit and engaging leadership style was a direct derivative of university-level basketball where he learned the importance of playing hard and playing to win. “Like basketball, this business is all about understanding the customer’s end goal and working together as a single unit to get there”, Dearden said. “We’re excited to be an extension of the Partners South and Omega IM Group team. I’m looking forward to many great seasons ahead for all our customers and advisors”.

Dearden & Associates began as an employment benefits agency and quickly blossomed into a full-service Employee Benefits, Human Resources and Personal Lines agency with division-dedicated specialists. Dearden’s customer-focused solutions-driven philosophy is exactly what resonated with Partners South & Omega IM Group when they sought partners to expand their insurance and financial services. “The Dearden culture completely complements our core business values”, said Fussell. “Adding this family of people and products increases the opportunities and possibilities we can provide our advisors and clients”, he added. “It takes our customer commitment to the next level”.

Omega IM Group, LLC Insurance Premium Finance Using Real Property

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Times Square - March 14, 2016MIAMI, FL – March 14, 2016 - Omega IM Group, LLC, a division of Omega Financial Corporation a Miami-based publicly traded financial services holding company, is pleased to announce an exclusive marketing partnership with Brokers Alliance® of Fountain Hills, AZ. “The Omega IM Group/Brokers Alliance partnership provides an outstanding blend of proven financial tools, top-notch talent and solid solutions to better serve our agents and clients”, said Dr. Timothy Fussell, President and CEO of Omega IM. “It’s the logical next step in the intensification of Omega’s service and results-focused offerings portfolio. The union will expand the strengths of both groups and provide a product and service showcase unmatched in the industry”, he continued.

One of the nation’s largest educators and distributors of insurance products for financial professionals, Brokers Alliance’s exclusive mix of technology, innovation, and winning examples of how to succeed in the financial arena complements Omega’s core business model. “Brokers Alliance was built on the simple understanding that investing in the successes of our producers and business is the very core of continued growth and success for all. I am certain our technology, training, and top-tier competitive insurance products will provide Omega IM Group an even stronger foundation for continued financial prosperity”, said Brokers Alliance President and CEO David Racich.

Like Omega IM Group, Brokers Alliance, a financial services powerhouse for more than 35 years, is known for putting the right people in the right place at the right time with the right product. Their diverse offerings, depth of expertise, and solid track record of success will give Omega IM Group agents and clients a distinct advantage in the marketplace.

For more information about the Omega IM Group and Brokers Alliance partnership, OmegaIMGroup.com and BrokersAlliance.com.

Partners South Offers A Hand-Up

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Tim Fussll - Times Square 12/25/15

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL. - December 25, 2015 - Eleven locations nationwide, powered by more than 250 advisors, each with a genuine compassion to care for others, is the driving force behind the Partners South Estate Planning, Inc. mission to provide a “hand-up” for people in need. A life-long philanthropist, Timothy Fussell, PhD, Founder and CEO, began the company more than 30 years ago with a mission of putting others before self. “This company was built on helping small business owners prosper in times both good and bad”, he said. “Over the last three-plus decades, our core values and commitment to our clients and the communities we serve has never faltered – with great blessings come even greater responsibilities and we remain true to our mission today”.

D. Clinton Perkins, MPA, Community Affairs Coordinator for Broward Health, a leader in community healthcare, consults with Dr. Fussell on how best to continue to meet the changing charitable needs of the many communities Partners South serves. “The financial health of our communities is an important component of the overall well-being of its residents”, Perkins said. “The advisors at Partners South have a unique opportunity to generously give year-round in so many ways, helping small business and individuals improve their circumstances on a short and long-term basis”, he added.

Most recently, Dr. Fussell and Mr. Perkins attended the 20th Annual Jeb Bush Florida Classic in support of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Over the last 20 years, the event has raised more than $7.5 million making it one of the largest for the CF Foundation’s South Florida Office. In addition to local events, Dr. Fussell supports churches and other charities in communities where Partners South operates. Three years ago, Dr. Fussell personally took on the responsibility of sponsoring a family from Bangladesh.

Coming from humble beginnings in the heart of North Carolina, Fussell remembers and appreciates how compassion and true caring for others makes a difference in peoples’ lives and works to this day to do his part to help care for those in need. From families with special needs children to people who need help in other ways, the advisors at Partners South are open-hearted and generous in their offerings.

Partners South Estate Planning Teams Up With Omega Capital Street

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Tim Fussll - Times Square 08/06/15

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL -  August 06, 2015 - Partners South Estate Planning, Inc. of Ft. Lauderdale, FL and Omega Commercial Finance Corporation (OCFN) of Miami Beach, FL have joined forces to bring insurance policy purchasers who are approved for premium finance funding, the Insurance Policy Capital Market program, a robust insurance investment vehicle with risk-adjusted returns and protected annual dividend income.

The joint venture will be fully owned by Partners South and Omega Capital Street, a wholly owned subsidiary of Omega commercial Finance Corporation. “This new venture and product offering gives our clients another solid investment opportunity to build their financial future,” said Dr. Timothy Fussell, Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Partners South. “Through this program, they have direct-funding protection of their investment and the incoming cash flow exceeds any associated outlay.”

The Insurance Policy Capital Market program includes a special series of preferred stock that enables the incoming dividend payment to be greater than any outgoing interest payment through the creation of a Series 007 Convertible Redeemable Preferred Fund. “We are confident this new program will new provide revenue streams and sustainable long-term growth for clients who choose this financial strategy and structure,” said Eran Danino, CEO of Omega Capital Street LLC. “Incorporating a Preferred Series 007 conversion feature into the program is a compelling factor in this offering,” he added.

For more information about this program, or Partners South/Omega Capital, visit omegapublic.com/omega-capital-street

Partners South Says To Florida Business Owners, "It's The Money You Keep That Counts"

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Times Square - March 11, 2015

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL - March 11, 2015 - Partners South Expense Recovery and Reduction Division (ERRD) is focusing its nationwide risk-free cost-recovery solutions on Florida, where the large insurance and estate planning firm is headquartered. With Florida’s 2015 economic growth rate projected at an above-national average, the firm is encouraging Florida businesses to take a proactive approach to cost-savings opportunities. “We have documented savings of more than $300 million dollars for US businesses”, said Timothy Fussell, PhD, Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Partners South. “This division’s sole purpose is to help our clients reduce expenses, expose hidden areas of savings, and build bottom line profits”.

To ferret out these hidden areas of savings and expense, the ERRD team engages dedicated professionals including IP attorneys, engineers, financial, and tax specialists, to research government and other types of programs offered at the local, state and federal level. “Our team of experts concentrates on finding areas where businesses can improve their cash flow and researches areas of potential overpayment”, said Donald Perrier, DVP. “One of our Division’s more recent successes includes helping a large food service company in FL recover more than $120,000 in workers’ compensation overcharges”, he added.

Partners South ERRD offers a three-step risk free program for businesses. Step one is a consultation with the business’s leader and conducting an assessment of applicable savings programs. Step two is an in-depth evaluation and confirmation of all eligible program options. Step three provides business owners with the research results and supporting documentation on eligible savings programs and opportunities. Partners South ERRD makes combating rising costs as easy as 1, 2, 3!

For more information about how to have Partners South Expense Reduction and Recovery develop and deliver a savings solution for your business, visit www.errd.partnerssouth.com or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Partners South Estate Planning Teams Up With The Association Of Financial Educators

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Times Square/Nasdaq January 21, 2015

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL - January 21, 2015 - Partners South Estate Planning, Inc., headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida has teamed up with The Association of Financial Educators (AFE), a non-profit financial speaker’s bureau based in Sugar Land, Texas, to provide no-cost financial educational programs to businesses and their employees. Partners South Insurance Solutions of CA, a subsidiary of Partners South, will be the first of the group to provide these free workshops, starting with four businesses in Southern California. “The reality is that many people just don’t have the basic education and skills they need to make smart financial choices for their future”, said Timothy Fussell, PhD, Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Partners South. “Working with AFE allows us the opportunity to give hard-working Americans the information they need to make wise financial decisions that will ultimately affect their future comfort”, he added. Lucy Gonzalez, Managing Partner and Doug Castino, Associate Partner for Partners South Insurance Solutions of CA will be leading the charge in southern California. Brandon Perrier, Jr. Partner for the firm will be working with California businesses wishing to participate in the free financial workshops for employees.

Fussell is also developing a menu of no-cost financial workshops to offer Florida companies in the coming months as well. “Any corporate leader will tell you that companies who are invested in their employees’ success have more focused and committed employees. That’s exactly what our programs help do – create a workforce that is comfortable taking an active role in building solid financial futures for themselves and their families”, Fussell said.

Through AFE, Partners South is donating their time and expertise to develop and deliver the financial programs. The workshops are completely free of any costs to the business or the employees and participating financial professionals are contractually forbidden to sell or solicit products of any kind during the workshops. Fussell said his group will be initially targeting topics that have a broader interest, including cash management – how to avoid pitfalls and setting a budget; college planning – when to start and where to invest; and investing basics – how to avoid scams and build a solid personal plan. “When you have a good understanding of the basics, you can apply that knowledge to all areas of your personal finances”, Fussell said.

For more information about how to have a Partners South Financial Professional develop and deliver a workshop for your employees, visit www.partnerssouth.com.

Retirement Confidence Rebounds in 2014 Reports Partners South Insurance & Estate Planning

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Times Square 1-27-2014

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL - November 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- According to the 24th Annual Retirement Confidence Survey, the longest running survey of its kind in the nation conducted by the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI), reports that Americans who have active retirement plans are now more confident that they are on track to have enough money to comfortably retire when the time comes. "That type of information raises a lot of questions," says Timothy Fussell, PhD, Founding Partner and CEO of Partners South Estate Planning, a full-service solutions-oriented insurance and estate planning firm headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. "How do I save?" "How do I make my money last?" And "How do I avoid a nasty tax surprise?" are just a few of the questions our clients ask about their retirement options," Fussell said. "Thankfully, we have proven ideas and solutions that help our clients whether they're near or moving into retirement," he added.

Recently, AARP® published a series of articles in the September edition of AARP The Magazine addressing some of the real problems facing retired, middle-aged, and young Americans. "The AARP articles provide great information for people of all ages looking to secure their future," Fussell said. "Retirement options abound – knowing the best ways to maximize your retirement savings and income is the difference between retiring comfortable or retiring concerned," he added.

It was Benjamin Franklin who said, "In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." Taxes weigh heavy on every working and retired American's mind. Competent tax advisors will generally encourage splitting funds between a 401k plan and ROTH IRA, however, even the best advice isn't the best for everyone. "If you've created one retirement plan, you've created one," Fussell said. "Every person, every plan, is different – no two people have the same needs for the immediate or long-term future."

Americans are living longer and that's one reason why so many institutions are weighing in with retirement options and advice. The number of available retirement options can be mind-numbing. Even the US Treasury, the IRS and the Federal Reserve Bank have all very recently publicly advised Americans to have annuities with income riders in their 401k accounts and to invest in Life Pay Annuities in retirement. There are tax-deferred growth options that provide tax-free income available for Americans of all income levels and options that are tax-deductible for business owners and the self-employed. "Management fees, market downturns, and income tax liabilities are all questions that should be asked before entering into any partnership who will act as guardians of your future," Fussell said. "Those who prepare and plan will face their financial future without fear."

Florida Governor Rick Scott Meets With Dr. Fussell To Discuss Plight Of Florida's Self-Employed Small-Business Owners

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Florida Governor Rick Scott with Timothy Fussell

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL - October 15, 2014 - Governor Rick Scott met yesterday with Timothy Fussell, PhD, Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Partners South, to discuss the plight of self-employed small-business owners in Florida. Fussell, a staunch supporter of the independent businessperson, has devoted his career to building insurance products that address and alleviate the stresses and pressures that small business owners face in competitive local, national and global markets. Gov. Scott, whose gubernatorial campaign centers on Let’s Keep Florida Working, has a vested interest in continuing the conversation about how the health of Florida small businesses can be influenced by financial products specifically created and designed to protect livelihoods, loved ones, and long-term successes.

“In the last four years, nearly 650,000 new jobs have bolstered the Florida economy”, Fussell said. “That incredible growth brings incredible responsibility. It is our responsibility to help small business owners plan for their future; the future of their families; and the future of Florida”, he stated.

The meeting between Scott and Fussell took place at the Ft. Lauderdale law offices of Gray|Robinson, a full-service corporate law firm that provides legal services for emerging businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals across Florida. Fussell, like Gray|Robinson, has built Partners South into a multi-faceted company. Most recently, he created a strategic alliance with Tax Advising Partners, LLC of Ft. Lauderdale, FL. “Jobs and Tourism are on the rebound in Florida. Proper accounting, tax and estate planning services are critical to the financial recovery and resurgence of Florida investors and businesspeople”, Fussell said. “Our alliance with Tax Advising Partners creates a single-source solution for clients seeking strategic business planning, tax guidance, accounting operations, and insurance and estate planning”, he added.

Fussell has pursued strategic alliances in other states that face comparable issues to those that he sees in Florida and North Carolina, his home state. “Every state has its own distinct challenges, but when the health of the small business is protected, those that serve these entities are protected as well. Everybody wins”, Fussell said.

Partners South Insurance And Estate Planning Announces Alliance With State Street Tax & Accounting Advisors

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Times Square, New York City 09/08/2014

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL - September 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ - Partners South Insurance and Estate Planning, headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, is pleased to announce its strategic alliance with State Street Tax & Accounting Advisors of Dickinson and Watford City, North Dakota. The alliance creates a single-source solution for clients seeking strategic business planning, tax guidance, accounting operations, and insurance and estate planning. "Market conditions in today's economic environment make seemingly polar opposites, Florida and North Dakota, quite similar," says Timothy Fussell, Ph.D., Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Partners South. "With the rebound of tourism in Florida and the oil industry rebirth in North Dakota, proper accounting, tax and estate planning services are critical to the financial health of any investor and businessperson."

Currently representing clients in the Great Plains region of the U.S., the new alliance will allow State Street Tax & Accounting Advisors to extend its reach into Montana and surrounding states. "We're excited about the possibilities this new union has to offer our current clients and communities," said Christopher Matysek, EA, MST, Principle of State Street Tax & Accounting Advisors. "By joining forces we are able to offer better and broader services to our local communities," he added. The Dickinson location will soon be home to a Business Broker who will provide exposure to local business owners wishing to sell. Attorneys for the group will focus solely on estate and tax planning and the insurance agency strength provides a depth and breadth of resources not found elsewhere.

"It's clear that North Dakota is facing issues similar to those we are seeing in other states where Partners South has a presence," said Fussell. "In fact, North Dakota is very similar to California from an estate taxing standpoint; to North Carolina and their farm-related food industry issues, and North Dakota can relate to the booming growth Georgia is currently enjoying. Increasing the strength of offerings for both companies benefits everyone." 

Dr. Fussell Prescribes To The Same Principles In His Profession As Healthcare Professionals Do To Theirs: Primum Non Nocere

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BOSTON, MA - August. 5, 2014 - Timothy Fussell, PhD has brought his home-grown style of successful investing to the Cradle of America, working with anesthesiologists and certified nurse anesthetists on best practices in estate planning. Fussell, a 30-year financial veteran with office locations in Florida, Georgia, North Dakota, North Carolina and California, prescribes to the same principles in his profession as healthcare professionals do to theirs: Primum non nocere.

“Physicians and healthcare workers have the weight of the world on their shoulders”, Fussell said. “I make it my mission to help ease any fear of financial pain by creating an individualized plan that treats both short and long-term goals. When it comes to my clients, I too live by first, do no harm”, he stated.

Dr. Fussell has guided his clients through structured buyouts, Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), and family trust and foundation start-ups. He works closely with his clients to provide a guarantee of personal protections through insurance and annuity products as well as proper estate planning. “What makes Tim an uncommon individual is his level of commitment and accessibility to his clients as second to none” said Andrew F. Nasseri, MD, FACC, FACS, Cardiothoracic and General Surgeon. “Tim has always been reachable on a very short notice and remained committed until he saw resolution to my financial service needs, and planning”.

Dr. Fussell’s insurance and estate planning firm specializes in sole-practitioner/small business owner, working with clients from the start-up of a new office to clients with existing portfolios in the $100s of millions.

Partners South Opens New Office in Fountain Hills

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Fountain Hills, AZ - May 3, 2012 – Tim Fussell, CEO and Founder of Partners South, and one of the nation’s premier insurance and estate planning experts, has announced the June opening of a new office in Fountain Hills, AZ.

Fussell commented, “I’ve always had great relationships, both personal and business, in Arizona and specifically Fountain Hills. After developing so many good connections with business owners, CPAs and other financial advisors, it just made sense to have a more permanent presence.” Partners South’s new office location is planned for The Avenue of The Fountains.  Local business owner Sami Jack comments, “Tim has been a close friend for years. I’ve watched him work, and I’ve never seen someone so committed to his clients. I’m thankful for his input on my business and wealth transfer plans.”

Fussell, a Rose Hill, NC native, has been a leader in Asset and Wealth Protection for over 25 years. He is renowned for assisting business owners and highly paid professionals make important estate‐planning decisions.  One of the most sophisticated insurance professionals in the country, Fussell regularly ranks among the top for many of the nation’s largest insurance companies.

Partners South is one of the country’s premier firms specializing in Asset and Wealth protection. With offices in Raleigh, Fort Lauderdale, and now Fountain Hills, they work with individuals to protect their existing savings and retirement accounts to make sure they never outlive their money. Partners South has partnered with best‐selling author Patrick Kelly on a series of educational videos on insurance concepts, which can be viewed at www.partnerssouth.com.

Dr. Fussell’s insurance and estate planning firm specializes in sole-practitioner/small business owner, working with clients from the start-up of a new office to clients with existing portfolios in the $100s of millions.

Tim Fussell Teams With The Impact Partnership, LLC

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KENNESAW, GA – November 15, 2011 – Tim Fussell, CEO and Founder of Partners South Estate Planning, Inc., and one of the nation’s premier insurance and estate planning experts, has announced a new relationship with The Impact Partnership, LLC.

Steve Craig, Impact CEO welcomes Tim to the Impact team, “We are honored and excited to partner with someone that has Tim’s knowledge and proven track record.”

Tim Fussell, a Rose Hill, NC native, has been a leader in the insurance industry for over 25 years. He is renowned for assisting business owners and highly paid professionals in helping them make important estate planning decisions. As an independent agent, Fussell regularly ranks as one of the top agents for many of the nations largest insurance companies.

Stephen Odom, Impact President, adds, “Helping experienced and sophisticated advisors like Tim grow their practices is our goal. We are excited to partner with Tim as he works with clients across the country.”

Fussell commented on his partnership with Impact, “Over the past 25 years, I have worked with many different marketing companies. It’s exciting to finally find a group as committed to helping me as I am to helping my clients.”

Fussell has already been working with Impact’s Patrick Kelly, the industry’s premier trainer and best selling author of “Tax-Free Retirement and The Retirement Miracle.” Together, Fussell and Kelly they have put together a series of educational videos on insurance concepts, which can be viewed at www.partnerssouth.com.

The Impact Partnership is a key distribution partner for three of the top four insurance companies in the United States. The company is focused on addressing the growing need for marketing and service help in the insurance industry. Impact helps insurance professionals grow and streamline their practices so they can deliver greater value to their clients.

Partners South is one of the country’s premier firms specializing in Asset and Wealth protection. With offices in Raleigh and Fort Lauderdale, they work with individuals to plan for protecting their existing savings and retirement accounts to make sure they never outlive their money.