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Protecting clients’ assets, aspirations, and dreams. It’s the very foundation of Dr. Timothy R. Fussell’s financial fortress that includes products and plans for estate preservation and tax-free income in retirement and transfer to heirs.

Personal Narrative
A published author with Fox Business News and invited contributor to CNN Money and Fortune Magazine, Dr. Fussell is also a Continuing Professional Education Instructor for Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), conducting nationwide training on retirement and strategic business planning using Life and Annuity products. He has created boot camps and a learning campus where new agents learn the intricacies of finance; arming them with the knowledge and practical experience they need to better protect and serve their clients and build thriving, sustainable businesses.

Dr. Fussell began his professional life’s journey in Wallace, North Carolina, a small town northwest of Wilmington, and eventually landed in Raleigh where he has continued to prosper for 30+ years. Firmly entrenched in the Research Triangle, his humble beginnings helped keep him grounded and focused on the importance of protecting core family values and business practices.

Professional Accomplishments
EPV of Business Affairs, Omega Commercial Finance Corp (OCFN), Miami, FL
OCFN is a publicly traded financial services holding company with principal companies operating in the commercial real estate, finance, and capital markets sector. Key subsidiaries are Omega Capital Street LLC, Omega IM Group LLC, Omega Asset Management LLC, Omega FLK Properties LLC, and Alpha Investment Inc.

Chairman of the Board and President, Alpha Investment Inc. (previously Gogo Baby, Inc.)

  • Instrumental in discovering Gogo Baby, Inc., a publicly traded company at the time
  • Appointed as Chairman of the Board and President
  • Instrumental in deciding the name change to Alpha Investment, Inc.
  • The goal of Alpha Investment, Inc. (Ticker symbol ALPC) is to become a NYSE listed company and grow as a Direct Lender.

Managing Member and CEO, Omega IM Group, LLC

  • Participates in project equity to help with the economics and financial structure
  • Provides clients an innovative, standardized, commercial lending platform serviced by a dedicated team of seasoned commercial mortgage professionals
  • Affords clients lower rates, lower fees and quicker closing times through direct lending of company capital or syndicated funds

Founding Partner & CEO, Partners South Estate Planning, Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Partners South Estate Planning, Inc. specializes in Asset and Wealth protection. Partners South only works with guaranteed products.

  • Specialization in self-employed and business-owner market
  • Diverse client base, from new business owners to business owners with multi-million-dollar net worth

Managing Member, Partners South Accounting, LLC, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Partners South Accounting provides professional guidance and assistance for tax and business needs.

  • Business Consulting
    • New Business Organization; Accounting Software Set-up; Complete Accounting; Sales Tax; Cash Flow Analysis; Insurance Audit Support and Representation
  • Tax Services
    • Individual and Business; Tax Planning; IRS Representation; Payroll
  • Other Services Include
    • Series LLC
    • Like Kind Exchange
    • Self-directed IRA
    • Transportation Registrations

President and CEO, Partners South Solutions, LLC, Fountain Hills, AZ
Partners South Solutions, LLC works helps clients improve labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity.

  • Provides single-source, real-time data access
  • Provides complete automation and high-quality information workforce management, from hire to retire
  • Offers cloud-based solutions that can be individually leveraged or integrated
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) – eliminates updates/maintenance

Managing Member and CEO, Fussell Insurance & Benefits, LLC, New Smyrna Beach, FL
Fussell Insurance and Benefits, LLC provides clients with Insurance and Annuity products for asset protection and future income as well as Reg D Alternative Investments.

CEO and President, Partners South Properties, Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Partners South Properties, Inc owns residential and commercial properties across the US for rental and investment purposes. The company also acts as a rental agent for clients.

Managing Member and CEO, Partners South Farms, LLC., Wallace, NC
Partners South Farms, LLC supports a healthy lifestyle by providing communities with organically-grown fruits and versatile renewable products made of farm-grown bamboo. Partners South farms, located in southeastern North Carolina counties Duplin, Pender, and Sampson, grow raspberries, blackberries, grapes and bamboo.